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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Grating

After galvanizing treatment, metal grating products are available, including hot-dipped zinc platform steel grating, hot-dipped zinc stair tread, hot-dipped zinc drainage board, and other commonly used models: G325/30/100; G323/30/100: G405/30/100; G255/30/100; DIN24537-P30; DIN24537-SP430, etc. The using occasions: platform for power engineering project; platform for construction steel structure engineering project; oil chemical platform, etc.
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Electroplated steel grating, also known as cold-dipped zinc steel grating, is a type of steel grating that undergoes galvanizing treatment using an electric process. The surface has a beautiful gloss and is suitable for indoor ceilings and other relatively mild environments.

Cold-dipped zinc steel grating is a heavy-duty hot-dipped zinc steel grating made of wide angle iron with a width of 65mm to 200mm and a thickness of 5mm to 20mm. It is suitable for large cargo yards, docks, coal mines, road bridges, and other applications where heavy loads are carried.

Cold-dipped zinc steel grating with a spacing of 40mm between the angle irons is the most economical and lightweight type. It is ideal for applications where the span is relatively small.

Cold-dipped zinc steel grating with a spacing of 60mm between the angle irons is suitable for mining applications. It solves the problem of矿物 splash on the surface of the grating and is commonly specified for processing plants in the mining industry.

Cold-dipped zinc steel grating with a spacing of 30mm between the angle irons is the most widely used type in industrial fields. It has the strongest resistance to surface impact among commonly used flat steel grating series.

Cold-dipped zinc steel grating made of I-shaped angle iron has the characteristics of lightweight and heavy load-bearing capacity. It is suitable for various occasions, especially walkways and visiting platforms.










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